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How to Remove Cat Urine on Concrete

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Removing cat urine on concrete is a problem encountered by many people. Concrete is so porous that the odor can linger despite the best cleaning efforts in the world.

Fortunately there are solutions to combat this problem.

The Simple Answer

The simple answer is that you have to seal the urine in places like concrete. This is easier if it is in a housing situation where the concrete would not need to be seen. As long as the seal didn’t allow any air or warmth to get in then you effectively would not smell the urine.

Cat on Concrete

Now, some believe that you can get rid of cat urine on concrete if you use Clorox bleach. This is not proven, but it is a cheap solution if you can get it to work. The only problem is that it is a very strong solution that will create its own smelly problems.

Alternative Solutions

If you’d like to try another solution before resorting to sealing the area you can try a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap. Pour this onto the area and let it soak in. When it is finished you can mop it up. The hope is that the mixture will neutralize the odor without problem.

Of course, drastic times call for drastic measures. The answer to getting rid of cat urine on concrete keeps returning to sealing off the area. If you are able to do that it will save you a lot of time and money on trying to do other things.

If you’ve bought or inherited a home that is full of cat urine you might be dealing with it on the concrete. You can try your best to get rid of it but your attempts may be futile if the urine has penetrated all the way through the concrete.

Here’s a short video that might give you additional ideas on how to remove cat urine odor.

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June 17th, 2013 at 8:22 am

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